Mixlr 1.1.0 released

Today we’ve pushed out a minor update to Mixlr’s broadcasting app:

  • Improved automatic re-connections. If you’re broadcasting and your internet connection is lost, Mixlr will now try to reconnect every 20 seconds until successful. For listeners, there should be no need to reload the page if this happens: the broadcast should simply resume automatically once you’re reconnected.
  • If this happens, then the recording of your broadcast will be continued automatically from where it left off when the connection was lost.
  • We’ve also fixed a few other minor bugs, which should make the broadcasting experience even smoother.

As usual, your app will update automatically next time you open it up. As usual, if you have any problems updating, you can always download the latest versionĀ here.

As usual, we love your feedback: hit us on our feedback page or via email and let us know what’s on your mind.

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