Featured Broadcaster: Ghetto Method Radio

At Mixlr we first heard of Ghetto Method Radio as a result of the fantastic ‘Dubtronic’ show on Mondays, which features a selection of innovate dubstep-influenced bass music.   However upon speaking to the show’s host, Mudfoot Blaps, we discovered that the Ghetto Method Radio is merely one aspect of a far more wide-ranging and diverse group, the Ghetto Method Collective.

This collective, run by Mudfoot Blaps and Notorious DAVE, not only push the ‘Dubtronics’ sound in their shows but also run the North-East’s biggest Graffiti crew, put on nights all over the country, release albums showcasing the ‘Dubtronic’ sound, and are involved in various community and youth projects.  Mudfoot Blaps and Notorious DAVE said of the group’s work that “Its an ethos that brings together all the established crews from the North under a working umbrella that allows us to effectively showcase the talent up here without selling out to the big cities like London.”


The main musical content of the GMR show is ‘Dubtronics’, a refreshing new dubstep-influenced style from a group of producers who are beginning to make quite a name for themselves, including Funk Ethics, Professor Ojo, and Psychonaught.   When we spoke to Mudfoot Blaps, the show’s host and DJ, he said of the genre, “the Dubtronic sound is something i’ve been rolling for a couple of years off the back of the dubstep scene, kinda a more grown up sound from the bassline years,  reppin a predominantly North-East England selection of producers.”   Well, seeing as many of the producers featured on the show now have forthcoming releases on prominent labels including Boka, Format and MadHop, it seems they’re having some success.

The shows are packed with unreleased material from this exciting group of producers, so for some cutting-edge sounds from the less well-worn (and far more exciting) fringes of the Dubstep scene, check out the Ghetto Method Radio ‘Dubtronics’ shows every Monday.  You can also hear this exciting new sound live at the GMC’s bi-monthly residency at Sounds Good, Lockside Lounge Camden, London, featuring Mudfoot Blaps on the decks and live art from the GMC.

Art / Community

The GMC are also very active in the Graffiti art scene and in community works, using both music and art to reach the younger generations through projects such as ‘The Sage‘, where the GMC run free daily drop-in DJ, Production and Graffiti sessions for kids.

They have also worked commercially with their art, being commissioned by Reebok, ITV, Look North (BBC) and Urban Games (2012 Olympic Legacy) for artworks, as well as having an exclusive residency at Studio Onethirty3.

So, for pushing an exciting new sound (and broadcasting one of the best Dub-based shows on Mixlr), as well as for their Art and Community works, all we can say is : Big up the Ghetto Method!

Check out the ‘Dubtronics’ shows and more here: http://mixlr.com/ghetto-method-radio

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