Featured Mixlr set-up: Bleep Radio


Bleep Radio is hosted by Trevor Wilkes, and brings you the best in techno, house and electro.

We’ve been chatting to Trevor to see what set-up he’s got. Judging by the picture below, it’s pretty slick. Here’s what he’s using:

2x Technics 1210’s
1x A&H Xone 32
1x Regular old microphone
1x H2 Zoom Mic (Surround sound recorder/mic)
2x Behriner Truth monitors
1x JBL Eon
1x PC running with 1 monitor and 1 flatscreen TV
-PC Monitor used for video stream monitoring
-Flatscreen mounted over monitor used for monitoring audio/Mixlr
1x Laptop beside me for ease of chat access
6000+ records

“I believe Mixlr is valuable and probably going to help in creating a great community of people. Not unlike what Youtube has done for certain groups (like video game commentators)”. Trevor

Bleep Radio’s next broadcast is scheduled to take place Friday 9th November @ 16.00 GMT. Tune in!

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