The domain has now been unblocked by Facebook

NOTE: Facebook access to Mixlr is now fully restored. This post is now out of date.

Update 1 (15/9, 3pm London): You can help! Please let Facebook know our domain should be unblocked. You can fill in the URL simply as Thank you for your help!

Update 2 (5.30pm) We are currently still waiting for firm acknowledgement from Facebook. Please keep contacting them through all available means!

Update 3 (8pm) Unfortunately there is no further news to report at this time. We hope the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Update 4 (16/9, 9am) No communications have been received from Facebook overnight. We will continue to update this post as we have more news.

Update 5 (10.45am) We’ve put together an FAQ for broadcasters to help you continue to reach your listeners while we wait for a resolution from Facebook.

Update 6 (5pm) We are still waiting for firm contact from Facebook. If you’re broadcasting tonight, check out our FAQ to help you with sharing, logging in and more.

Update 7 (22:45) Facebook access is restored !

This morning we woke up to a number of reports from users of Mixlr links being blocked by Facebook as being “unsafe”.

It soon became apparent that not only was sharing on Facebook not working, but login and signup has also been blocked.

Of course there is no rightful reason why Mixlr should have blocked, so at this time we believe that Facebook’s automated system has erroneously blocked our domain.

Unfortunately, challenging Facebook’s automated decision is not easy. We are currently reaching out to Facebook through all available channels and will update this post as we find out more.

28 Responses

  1. lawrence hughes says:

    i need facebook to get to my fans

  2. Shannon Ray Davis says:

    MIXLR, thank you for all you are doing. You have the greatest Broadcasting Platform in the World.

    This is just another example that Facebook has become a Behemoth and a reminder to me that it may be time to get off of Facebook and get on a different messaging system.

  3. Yesica Chávez says:

    Mixlr thank you for try to fix it. I lost my Facebook’s group because this problem and I need it back. Facebook has been so unfair and I don’t understand why, please help us!

  4. Chris Riley says:

    I appreciate your efforts to get this situation with Facebook resolved as soon as possible. We love using the Mixlr platform for our webcasts, and can’t understand why Facebook would have a sudden issue with the deal?

    At any rate, we’ll work around these issues on our end as best as we can until the problems are resolved. Hopefully, either Mixlr or Facebook will let this know when things are back to normal so we can all inform our followers/fans that things are back to normal.


  5. Ernesto Vladimir Padilla Corea says:

    is this the free expression of social network ?

    is this the free thoughts of America?

    is this the reason of 4 july?

  6. Rob says:

    @Chris Riley Thanks for the support! We can’t understand Facebook’s actions either, there is no valid reason for doing this so we can only assume it’s an error at their part.

    Either way we’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

  7. Ernesto Vladimir Padilla Corea says:

    it’s time to change the social network,

    It is time to demand a facebook.

  8. Cheryl says:

    my entire FB group was obliterated in seconds by this mishap 3 yrs of hard work gone within a blink of an eye. Is there anywhere other social media site being effected by this issue?

  9. Club Rumourz Radio & I Club Radio says:

    Not good for start ups….. The Facebook embeddable player is what pushes traffic to our live pages…

    Hope this shall be resolved soon….

    Already shared our dissatisfaction with Facebook

  10. Steve Stevie says:

    I just about managed to do my show tonight , but couldn’t post any link to FB for my listeners to click on!
    I had to write the link with spaces so it didn’t look like a link!
    This really is FB at it’s worst! But, the show MUST go on!
    Thanks for all your efforts Mixlr team

  11. Don karlos says:

    Everything to do with mixlr has been removed from my facebook page not happy as i promote my mixlr shows from facebook

  12. Radio Bladi Dz says:

    i hope to solve the problem and recover the link
    can you show me the steps , i should follow . please accept my sincere greetings

  13. Michael Wilkins says:

    Thanks for the notification- sent a request to Facebook that we use the Mixlr app for our live stream and use the same to promote our live shows via our Facebook page.

  14. Silverio Morle says:

    Facebook is being VERY ridiculous! I have to enter it this way, mixlr . com, to avoid the nagging warning window.


    I sent facebook a message to drop the block as the site is safe, and further told them they block a great site like mixlr but allow porn, death threats and alike to be posted and when we tell them about this stuff happening they do nothing but block a safe site like

    Please unblock at once, you are hurting my chance to make a living.
    Which it is as I run a production company and do voice over work…

  16. AngelRojas says:

    Hi guys. I fiiled the form you recomend above, hope it get fixed as soon as possible.

  17. Michael Qing says:

    There have been a problem with my Mixlr account as it was blocked on Channel 1138, because I need to help re-booted back again to normal.

  18. Luis says:

    Facebook didn’t realises that they were doing a favour to Mixlr in promoting our shows… now they are trying to stop the links to avoid further spread of our voices…
    this is greedy FB!

  19. Kyriakos Dirakis says:

    Since yesterday all our photos etc.containing our link with your ”mixlr” just disappeared from our ”facebook” page and profile!!..
    Hope you’ll find the solution with ”facebook”!
    Please keep us informed ! Thanks!

  20. waRd says:

    Even mentioning MIXLR on Instagram nullifies the post. Wow MIXLR must be making some noise! How petty of Facebook & Instagram.

  21. Underground Utopia says:

    You can use Twitter to post the site then share the link on facebook. It takes 2 clicks to get to your Live page. I am cancelling my subscription to Mixlr in the mean time. There will someone to takeover. Its like the drug business

  22. Mike says:

    I doubt there is any malicious intent on Facebook’s part. They’re so big that they are unable to contain their incompetence, in my opinion.

  23. chomin says:

    wish that facebook and mixlr will solve this problem easily because i really want to get back my mixlr acount.

  24. Angelo says:

    is there any solution or workaround?

  25. DJ BABY LAC says:


  26. Miguel says:

    Hey fellas! Facebook unblocked my Mixlr posts! It seems that the problem it’s gone, but check out just in case.

  27. rmg machado gomes says:

    Hey fellas! Facebook unblocked Mixlr my posts! It seems que the problem it’s gone, but check out just in case.o my thank you hope not happen again because it is not required to do all the moderators.