An update on Mixlr, El Capitan and Soundflower

Update 5/1/2016: we’ve now tested these builds of Soundflower on El Capitan and it’s working great!

We’ve had a copy of the new Mac OS X, El Capitan, for the last few days and of course the first job at hand was to test out the Mixlr broadcast app.

We’re happy to say that throughout our testing, the app is performing well on El Capitan.

While we don’t foresee significant problems for broadcasters, we always recommend you don’t update your operating system without leaving yourself enough time to fix any unforeseen issues before your broadcast.

One possible gotcha for Mac broadcasters: the current version of Soundflower does not appear to be working on our developer preview of El Capitan, and we’ve had similar reports from broadcasters.

We hope the official version will be updated by Rogue Amoeba soon, or possibly it will work in the final non-preview release. In the meantime, there’s a thread on RogueAmoeba’s Github with some possible workarounds.

One Response

  1. Mr Etcetera says:

    Check this fix for Soundflower. Although it was written in ’14 for Yosemite/Mavericks, I just installed it in El Capitan; problem solved!