Facebook FAQ for broadcasters

NOTE: Facebook access to Mixlr is now fully restored. This post is now out of date. What is the problem? Early on Tuesday 15th September (UK), we started to receive reports from our users that Facebook has completely blocked the mixlr.com domain. This means that: It is currently impossible to share any link to a […]

The mixlr.com domain has now been unblocked by Facebook

NOTE: Facebook access to Mixlr is now fully restored. This post is now out of date. Update 1 (15/9, 3pm London): You can help! Please let Facebook know our domain should be unblocked. You can fill in the URL simply as http://mixlr.com. Thank you for your help! Update 2 (5.30pm) We are currently still waiting […]

Broadcasters, loop and shuffle have arrived in your playlist.

Here at Mixlr we are always working to improve our broadcast app, and make it even easier for you to make great content and shows for your listeners. Today we are announcing a new release of the Mixlr broadcast app. This release contains a number of much requested new features and improvements. Download the latest […]

Events: Schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts

Whether you’re a band broadcasting your next gig, a radio station going live with your daily schedule or a podcaster streaming your weekly podcast, making sure your listeners always catch your next live show is essential. That’s why today we’re launching a new feature called events as a way for our Premium and Pro users […]

Are you running the latest version of the Mixlr app?

It’s important to keep your Mixlr broadcast up-to-date, so you benefit from bug fixes and exciting new features. To help Windows users stay up-to-date, we’ve put together a useful guide to updating your app. (Mac version to follow shortly too). Let us know if you’ve got feedback or queries!    

Mixlr app now looks great on Retina Macbooks

Recent Apple Macbooks have shipped with Retina displays, bringing ultra-sharp text and high-definition graphics to third-party apps which support the new technology. The Mixlr broadcast app already supported similar high-density displays in Windows, but today we’ve released the latest version of the Mixlr broadcast app which has full support for Retina displays on Mac. This […]

Live broadcasts, chat and hearting

Sometimes, we receive emails and tweets from broadcasters and listeners who are worried about whether hearting and chatting during Mixlr broadcasts affects the listening experience for others – for example by introducing lag or other streaming problems. We firmly believe that social interaction is at the heart of the Mixlr experience, so we thought we’d […]

Mixlr for iOS now supports Audiobus

Over the last year, we’ve made a series of significant improvements to the broadcasting features in Mixlr for iOS. Today we’re happy to announce that our latest update includes full support for Audiobus. For those who are unaware, Audiobus is a third-party iOS application which connects multiple audio apps on your iPad or iPhone, allowing […]

New feature: more control over your live broadcasts

After last week’s news about chat inside the broadcast app, we’re happy to announce another improvement for our broadcasters. We’ve updated our broadcast app for Windows and Mac OS X again, this time giving you more control over your broadcast title, category and sharing. What’s changed? We’ve tweaked the Mixlr app to work a little […]