5 reasons why Podcasters will love Mixlr

Mixlr is a platform for broadcasting high-quality, live audio. That means it’s perfect for podcasters who want to broadcast their show live.

Here’s 5 reasons why you’ll love Mixlr if you’re a podcaster.

Live podcasting: interact in real-time with your listeners.

Most podcasters record their episodes on their computer, and then distribute the recordings via platforms like iTunes, SoundCloud or PodBean. But this doesn’t mean you can’t also broadcast live while you record your show.

Podcasting live means that you can interact in real-time with your listeners, taking comments and live feedback over the web and enriching the quality of your content. And it’s fun! Your listeners will be more engaged, have a more memorable experience and be more likely to come back and listen again.

And that’s got to be a winner.

Highest-quality audio: no messing around.

Mixlr is designed to focus only on audio. We don’t waste time, effort or bandwidth trying to deliver video content: we just want to be the number one platform for live audio on the web, and that’s what we spend our time working to achieve.

What does this mean for podcasters? It means that your listeners can tune into your live podcasts in crystal clear audio quality.

It also means that they’re not distracted by video and images: we’re building an experience around the live audio stream, and removing video gives us a lot more leeway to introduce exciting and useful new features.

Mixlr never interrupts your podcasts with adverts.

Here at Mixlr we’re no fan of adverts. Right now, we don’t have a single advert anywhere on our service: audio ad, Google Ad or otherwise. We’re focused on creating the best live audio platform out there.

Now of course we’ve got to pay the bills, and we can’t rule out ever introducing ads. But for now we’re totally ad-free, and it’s safe to say that unlike many popular free video streaming services, we’ll never interrupt a live broadcast with an audio advert. That’s just out of order.

We’re here building the definitive live audio broadcasting platform, and no service which interrupts live shows at random with adverts can ever be treated as credible by any serious podcaster, broadcaster or listener.

Of course, we’d appreciate your support to help us continue on this path. You can help by signing up for one of our great value¬†premium accounts.

Easy mobile listening on iPhone, iPad and Android

Unlike most free video platforms, it’s easy for your listeners to tune in on Mixlr when they’re on the move. All live broadcasts on our platform can be listened to on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.

This means your listeners can listen to your live show while they’re working, driving, working out or simply walking down the street. And because audio uses less bandwidth than video, they’re less likely to experience dropouts or buffering while they listen.

No other platform makes mobile broadcasting so easy.

Export and save your live show instantly to external services.

You can broadcast live and then export our recording of your show directly to SoundCloud, or if you sign up for one of our great value premium accounts download it as an MP3 file to your own computer.

Our philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for broadcasters to send their live shows to other hosting platforms, and we’re actively working on even more one-click exporting options.


If you’re a podcaster then we’d love you to try our free, high-quality live broadcasting service. We think you’ll like it. If you’ve got any questions or queries, you can email us, or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.