New feature: SoundCloud streaming quick-start

Last month we rolled out our new SoundCloud live streaming feature which for the first time made it easy to stream live tracks, songs and DJ sets from SoundCloud, for your friends and fans to listen to together.

Whether you’re a musician, DJ or just want to jam with your mates and some tunes, a playlist is the best way to get started.

Today we’ve rolled out a minor tweak which makes it even easier to get started. If you’ve never done a SoundCloud broadcast for your friends or fans before, this is where to start.

To get started, just visit your playlist page and click on the Quick start link.

To start a live show, all you have to do is select a category of music, and hit Go live now.

That’s it! After you’ve started the broadcast, you’ll be prompted to share it on Facebook so your friends can join you to listen in. Or if you prefer, check out our short SoundCloud streaming tutorial video on Youtube and get the basics of searching, adding and re-arranging your playlist down.

Happy broadcasting!

Quick start a playlist broadcast now.