Mixlr mobile site: now even more mobile.

** Please note – we released an iOS app in Dec, 2012. Click here to download**

Last week we launched the new, mobile-optimised version of Mixlr. We now have full support for listening live on Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry tablets and many more devices.

We listened to lots of feedback over the weekend, and today we’ve rolled out three small, but useful new features.

1. Full site option

The full Mixlr website already worked great on iPad, and for those listeners who prefer using the full site, now you can. We’ve added a Full site┬álink in the footer of each page.

If you want to switch back, just look for the Mobile site link in the footer of the main website.

2. Stop button

Although it’s usually possible to use a device’s controls to stop a broadcast playing, sometimes it’s easier just to have a big button where you expect it. Well, that’s just what we’ve given you.

3. More popular broadcasts

Sometimes, three popular broadcasts just isn’t enough. We’ve added a link on the home page to see more.

As usual, hit us with your feedback: Facebook or Twitter.