Featured Artist: Tha Boxing Voice, radio show


Tha Boxing Voice is an online space bringing the latest boxing news to fans worldwide. What sets them apart from other boxing media is their mission to voice the opinions, concerns and attitudes of the fans. They work hard to get exclusives others can’t, and get the ‘inside scoop inside and out of the ring’.

Nestor Gibbs created Tha Boxing Voice in 2012 after recognising the lack of opportunity for fans to have their say on what’s happening in the sport. Since then, they have grown rapidly and now have a team of correspondents with over 50 years of experience in the sport.

Tha Boxing Voice embrace the power of technology using written and video content on their site as well as broadcasting a live podcast via Mixlr to communicate news and spark discussion amongst fans. Nestor Gibbs shared with us how it all began; “We started with everything at once, the radio show, written content, video interviews, covering live events, everything at once was the only way to really make a ripple in a sea of boxing media. So we came out guns blazing attacking every aspect of the sport”.

The engaging relationship they have with boxing fans makes their live shows unique. Taking calls from fans to discuss the latest in all things boxing, and using the Mixlr chat feature to take questions and opinions. The fan’s passion for the sport is captivating to listen to and the live debates which spark between fans are very entertaining.

Nestor and co-host Victor Salazar broadcast a live show on Mixlr every Thursday and Sunday from 7pm – 9pm EST. Tune in here to listen.

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