Your Mixlr playlist now supports more audio formats

This week, we’ve released another round of improvements to the Mixlr broadcast app.

More audio formats in your playlist

It’s now possible to load three new audio formats into your playlist.

Firstly, m4a sounds (which for the technically minded are AAC wrapped in an MP4 container). You’ll most likely recognise m4a from iTunes, which uses it as its primary audio format.

Next, OGG sounds – these are a popular audio file format in Linux, thanks to its open source and patent-free status.

Finally, FLAC support has also arrived. FLAC is a lossless compression format, popular with musicians and audio engineers thanks to its high quality.

To start using these new formats, just download the app and get started with your playlist.

Recording and showreel improvements

We’ve also fixed some related issues which had been making managing showreel recordings difficult for some of our broadcasters.

If you’ve had issues with showreel recordings not saving, or not showing up in your recordings list, make sure you update your app.

And more…

We’ve also fixed a number of other minor bugs, and further improved the stability of the app.

As usual, you can update your app by grabbing the latest copy from here: