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Every day this week, we’re announcing¬†integration with an external audio or file-hosting service. Today, we’re excited to announce that it’s now easy to export your live broadcasts to the social sound platform and podcasters’ favourite, is the mobile and web platform that makes sharing short recordings of spoken word audio easy. Mixlr’s integration means that you can broadcast live “boos” on Mixlr, and then effortlessly export them to Audioboo.

Here’s how it works. Start by visiting a saved broadcast page (you’ll have to be logged in to Mixlr, and the saved broadcast must be one of your own). Get started by clicking Connect next to Audioboo.

Next, sign into Audioboo and authorise Mixlr to access your account. The process is 100% secure, and Mixlr never sees your Audioboo password.

If everything’s gone to plan, you’ll be connected to Audioboo. You should be able to click Export as shown in the screenshot below.

You’ll have chance to edit the title of the broadcast before it’s exported. We send as much metadata to Audioboo as we can, including title, tags and geo-location information for the broadcast if it’s available. When you’re ready, confirm by clicking Export again.

You’ll be kept updated as the export progresses. Even if you navigate away from the page, the export will continue in the background, and you’ll be notified both on-screen and via email when it’s complete!

One thing to keep in mind is that Audioboo is designed for short-length audio clips: unless you’ve got a premium Audioboo account, then your exports will probably be limited to 5 minutes in duration. You can still export broadcasts which are longer than 5 minutes duration, but Audioboo will truncate them to that length.

Don’t worry though – we’ll give you a handy reminder if that’s likely to be the case.


We’re excited that we’re able to offer full integration with, and can’t wait to hear the uses that our broadcasters find for it. As usual, if you’ve got any questions, comments or feedback then you can hit us in the usual places: Twitter, Facebook and email.
The Mixlr team

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