Happy 2016 from the Mixlr team

A heartfelt (if belated) happy new year to the entire Mixlr community, from our team here in London! 2015 was an incredible – and busy – year for Mixlr as a company, and we couldn’t be prouder of the improvements we’ve made to our service. We’ve built and launched major new features like the awesome […]

Mixlr app now uses less of your CPU

We’ve quietly released another update of our broadcast app for Windows and Mac OS X this week. And if you’re a broadcaster, then we highly recommend that you update as soon as possible. We’ve reduced the CPU power that the app uses by as much as 80% in some cases, which means you’ll be able […]

Another update of the Mixlr broadcast app is here.

We’ve rolled out an update to our broadcast app for Windows and Mac OS X this week. After last month’s release of the audio quality switching feature, we’ve focused on stability and other underlying improvements with this release. You’ll find a number of low-level bugs have been addressed, and on-going issues with missing audio devices […]

Change the audio quality of your broadcast on the fly.

Our latest release of the broadcast app now includes the ability to change between low, standard, and high quality audio, even whilst broadcasting. This is to help ensure a broadcaster can always optimize their broadcasting and listening experience – dependent on their bandwidth restrictions. We’re pleased to announce this feature is available to all our […]

Brand new embeddable player improvements are here!

Recently, Google Chrome introduced changes that led to Mixlr’s embeddable player ceasing to function as well as usual for any of your listeners who use that browser. This turned out to be a challenging problem to solve, but our team has been working hard for the last week to find a solution. We’re now happy […]

An update on Mixlr, El Capitan and Soundflower

Update 5/1/2016: we’ve now tested these builds of Soundflower on El Capitan and it’s working great! We’ve had a copy of the new Mac OS X, El Capitan, for the last few days and of course the first job at hand was to test out the Mixlr broadcast app. We’re happy to say that throughout […]

Another update for our broadcast app, and other news

It’s been a busy week here at Mixlr HQ. Firstly we’ve released another new update to our broadcast app today. Version 8 contains fewer changes than some of our recent updates, but still has fixes for two bugs which have been causing issues for some of our broadcasting community. As usual, you can see more […]

Moving the Mixlr app forward…

We’ve been building Mixlr since way back in 2010, and our broadcast app for Windows and Mac OS X has come a long way in that time. From its humble beginnings – we still remember the days when we didn’t support Windows! – we’ve incrementally improved the app continuously for over half a decade. We’re […]

A quick update on our embeddable player

Update: This issue is now fixed! The information in this blog post is out of date. Read our blog post about the changes here. We’ve received many support queries this week from broadcasters asking why autoplay is no longer working in the embeddable player. This issue actually only affects the Google Chrome browser, and has […]

Facebook sharing and login is back!

As of around 10pm London time last night, Facebook login and sharing is back! As we suspected, our domain had been wrongly blacklisted by Facebook’s automated systems. You can now share links to your Mixlr events and broadcasts, not to mention log in and sign up again, as normal. Thanks to everybody for your support […]