Mixlr is now 100% iPhone-friendly

We’re pleased to announce that all music and broadcasts on Mixlr can now be listened to on iPhone.

You can listen to live streams on Mixlr through your iPhone’s built-in audio player — we successfully tested this during Josh Wink’s set at the weekend — but not only that, all uploaded and saved music is now iPhone-compatible too.

The player “multitasks” in the background, so you can continue to send txts and use other apps while your listening to music on Mixlr.

Reading on an iPhone? Try it out now with Andy Caldwell’s Sundae set. (If you’re not on an iPhone or iPad, this link will just take you to the normal Mixlr play page).

A nice spin-off of these changes are that music stored on Mixlr now uses “real” streaming for delivery too. This means you can skip as deep as you like into a mix as soon as you visit the page, without having to wait for the whole thing to download first.

Watch out for even more progress in this area soon, by the way. We’re working on a system to improve streaming when you’re listening on a slow phone connection, like when you’re away from a wifi network or 3GS. (And Android users: don’t fret. We’ve been working hard on improving your listening experience too. Watch out for more news soon).

In the meantime: we hope you enjoy your new iPhone streaming! We’d love to get your feedback, so please feel free to leave any comments below, or hit us on Twitter.