Dynasty Podcasts tell us how they broadcast a live call-in show on Mixlr


Dynasty Podcasts, founded by Jaime Black is Chicago’s longest-running music podcast.

They’ve been using Mixlr for over a year to broadcast a showcase of interviews with premier talent and tastemakers in the Chicago community.

A recent broadcast described as their ‘favourite Mixlr of the year’ was one in which they incorporated Skype and Twitter with Mixlr.  This kind of broadcast may seem complex, but it’s actually really easy to set-up. Jaime tells us how he and Dynasty Podcasts producer Leyla Royale went about doing this:

“We first learned of being able to broadcast a Skype conversation through Mixlr from the Mixlr/Skype instructional video. I really liked the idea of launching a Skype conversation as a live broadcast, and the five year anniversary of popular Chicago hip hop blog Fake Shore Drive seemed like a great occasion to try this kind of broadcast. Leyla and myself set up the event to be myself interviewing FSD founder Andrew Barber over Skype, which we would send out through Mixlr, and publish the feed through Twitter.

This allowed for an interactive real time interview, where listeners would Mixlr chat or tweet in questions to Barber and he could answer them in real-time.

On the set up side, we used Mixlr, Skype, and Soundflower as an internal audio router. We used Leyla’s MacBook Pro on our end, utilizing the internal mic. We took all audio happening through Skype – both mine and Andrew’s – and routed it through Mixlr. The final component was comments coming from Twitter and the Mixlr comments section. The finished podcast was then published to the Dynasty Podcasts SoundCloud.”

Watch this video to see how to broadcast a Skype conversation using a mac:


Or read this article to see how to accomplish this using Windows.

To find our more about Dynasty podcasts, visit their site or listen to them on Mixlr.