Re-thinking the Mixlr app

At Mixlr we know that one of our most important tools is our live broadcasting app. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing a brand new broadcasting app for all our users.

But what’s changed? And why are we changing it? Here’s a few of the problems that our users told us about in the old Mixlr app, and how we’ve solved them in the new app.

(The new Mixlr app is ready for you to test-drive right now.
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Problem: my internet connection went down, now my showreel recording is interrupted too.

Showreel is now recorded locally, and uploaded afterwards

In the old app, your showreel was recorded on our server. This was convenient, but also had disadvantages. For example, if your internet connection was interrupted during your show, then your showreel would be affected as well as the live broadcast.

Solution: record showreel locally, and then upload.

In the new app, we only upload to your showreel after the close of your live broadcast. This means your recording continues even if your internet goes down, and also reduces the risk of lost showreel recordings.

Problem: sometimes I want to pause recording during a live broadcast.

Disable recording at any time, without stopping your live broadcast

Maybe you like to take a few minutes to sound-check, and make sure your listeners are all kicking back nicely before starting your show proper.

In the old app, this was difficult because all broadcasts were recorded in full, including your sound-check

Solution: add a separate recording on/off switch.

In the new app, you can start your showreel recording when you start broadcasting live, or at any point afterwards. Or even don’t record anything at all. (You can also switch recording on or off as many times as you want during a live broadcast – perfect for those crafty coffee/cigarette breaks.)

Problem: I need to change audio source during a live show.

Change audio setting during a broadcast

Sometimes, soundcards stop working or microphones need replacing. This was tricky using our old app, because you had to stop-and-save a broadcast before you could change your audio settings.

Solution: re-design the app so the audio controls are accessible at all times.

In the new app, you can change your audio settings at any time, including during a live broadcast. (Of course, you can even pause recording while you do so).

Problem: my computer crashed and now my broadcast has been lost.

Computer crash mid-broadcast? The new app has you covered.

In the old app, it was impossible to restart the same broadcast if your computer crashed, or your cat stepped on the power lead.

Solution: allow restarting of broadcasts which ended unexpectedly.

In the new app, it’s all fixed. The app keeps track of your current live broadcast. If it ends unexpectedly, you’ll be able to re-start the broadcast (or upload the recording to your showreel) the next time you open the app.

Problem: I can’t see who’s in my crowd while I’m broadcasting.

Keep Mixlr minimized and in easy reach during a set

While broadcasting live, sometimes it’s difficult to keep ALT-TABing back to the website to check on the state of your crowd.

Solution: We’ve designed a special always-on-top minimized mode, which lets you check your vital statistics – connection status, crowd, chat, hearts and levels – without having to ever ALT-TAB anywhere.

If you want to try out the new Mixlr app, check out our beta download page for the latest builds.