Change the audio quality of your broadcast on the fly.

Our latest release of the broadcast app now includes the ability to change between low, standard, and high quality audio, even whilst broadcasting.

This is to help ensure a broadcaster can always optimize their broadcasting and listening experience – dependent on their bandwidth restrictions. We’re pleased to announce this feature is available to all our Premium Plus or Pro subscribers.

Grab the new version here – or read on to learn more.

What’s new?

After you install this update, you’ll find a new button right next to your mixer.

You have three options to choose from:

HQ – high quality, high bandwidth.

SQ – standard quality, medium bandwidth (default).

LQ – low quality, low bandwidth.

You can change your audio quality as many times as you want – either before you start, or during your broadcasts.

Why change audio quality?

The better the audio quality you choose, the greater bandwidth is required – for both broadcasting and listening. From today, you can choose the optimal audio quality for your own Mixlr broadcast.

For bands, sound artists and radio stations for whom the highest quality audio is essential, go HQ.

For general live broadcasting, SQ is a great choice.

For podcasters, other spoken word broadcasters, and anybody who is experiencing bandwidth issues – choose LQ.

What about my showreel recording?

Your showreel recording is not affected. Changing audio quality only affects your live stream.

What if I’m not a Mixlr Premium or Mixlr Pro subscriber?

Your service is completely unaffected. You’ll be able to continue using SQ (standard quality) just the same as usual.

How do I get started?

Changing audio quality is available immediately for Mixlr Premium and Mixlr Pro subscribers. Just download and install the latest version of our app to get started.

As usual, we’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve got comments or questions, get in touch.