✨Channel Search: Your content just got more discoverable

Mixlr Channel Search

Hello Mixlr creators,

We recently released a powerful new feature that will transform how your audience interacts with your content: Channel Search. With this tool, finding specific recordings and events within your Channel becomes effortless, enhancing the overall accessibility of your content.

Channel Search: Benefits for creators and listeners

Earlier this year, we improved Mixlr.com’s search feature. Now, Channel Search lets listeners easily find specific events and recordings on your Channel. Let’s dive into the many reasons this update is worth celebrating:

For creators:

  • Enhanced content visibility: Make each of your recordings and events easily searchable, ensuring that none of your valuable content gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Increased listener engagement: As listeners can find exactly what they’re looking for, they are likely to spend more time on your channel, exploring your range of work.
  • Streamlined listener experience: Provide a smooth, user-friendly experience for your audience, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty to your channel.
  • Greater control over content organization: Keep your channel’s public face clean and organized while making all your content accessible through search.

Implementing Channel Search:

  • No extra work needed: Channel search is already on your Channel – check it out!
  • Inform your listeners: Let your audience know about this new feature through your broadcasts, social media, or any other communication channels you use.
  • Encourage exploration: Invite your listeners to use Channel Search to rediscover old favorites or find new content they might have missed.

For listeners:

Listeners can now enjoy a more intuitive and efficient way to access your content. By simply typing keywords related to a specific event or recording in the search bar at the top of your Channel, they can instantly find what they’re looking for.

Broadening your content reach with Channel Search

This feature is particularly beneficial for creators with a large library of content. Whether it’s a special series, past interviews, unique music sessions, or educational content, Channel Search ensures that your audience can discover and enjoy your work, no matter when it was created.

Feedback and future enhancements

Your input is vital in shaping the future of Mixlr. We encourage you to explore Channel Search and contact us with your feedback – it will guide us in refining and adding more features that help you as a creator.

Keep creating, sharing, and connecting on Mixlr, and stay tuned for more updates designed to enhance your experience.

Happy Creating (and searching)!

The Mixlr Team