🤫 Unlisted: Share your Recordings on your terms

We’re back with another exciting update, one that gives you even more control over how you share and manage your content. Say hello to Unlisted Recordings on Mixlr!

Unlisted Recordings on Mixlr

What are Unlisted Recordings?

Unlisted Recordings allow you to publish your audio content in a way that it is not publicly visible on your Mixlr Channel. These recordings are accessible only through a direct link that you share. This feature is perfect for sharing exclusive content with a select group of listeners, or testing new content with a private audience before going public.

Benefits of Unlisted Recordings

  • Exclusive content sharing: Create special content for your loyal listeners and share it exclusively with them.
  • Privacy control: Maintain control over who gets to listen to your recordings, ensuring privacy and exclusivity.
  • Feedback and Testing: Share new ideas and content with a private group to gather feedback before releasing it to the wider audience.
  • No Channel Clutter: Keep your channel streamlined and organized, free from test runs or niche content that might not appeal to all your listeners.

How to Use Unlisted Recordings

  • Create your Recording: Just like you normally would – record your live event or upload directly via the Creators Space.
  • Choose to make it Unlisted: When saving your Recording, select the option to make it unlisted.
  • Share the direct link: Once your Recording is published, you’ll receive a unique link. Share this link with your intended audience.
  • Manage your Recordings: You can switch the recording from Unlisted to public (and vice versa) anytime you want.
  • Share an Unlisted Collection: You can also create and share a playlist of Unlisted Recordings using Collections.

Creative Ways to Use Unlisted Recordings

  • Workshops or tutorials: Share educational or in-depth content with specific groups or individuals.
  • Pilot episodes: Test new show formats or pilot episodes with a closed group before launching publicly.
  • Private shows: Host private shows and share them only with invited guests.

Your privacy, your Rules

We understand the importance of having control over your content. Unlisted Recordings not only provide you with the flexibility to share your content as you see fit but also ensure that your public Channel remains a curated space that reflects your brand or style.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve your audio creating experience.

Happy creating!

The Mixlr Team.