How to: Broadcast on Mixlr using Virtual DJ and a MIDI controller (Windows)

This post explains how to broadcast on Mixlr using Dj software – Virtual DJ and an external MIDI controller – Hercules DJ Console MK 4.

Tip – These instructions can be translated to almost any external controller or audio interface.


Step 1 – Open Virtual DJ’s configurations

Step 2 – Select Sound Set-up

In the first window, select the Laptop (with USB soundcard) option, then select more at the bottom of the window:

Make the following output and sound card selections in the next window:

Step 3 – Mixlr Audio Source

Select the Hercules as your audio source:

Step 4 – Connect output to input on Hercules

Simply physically route Output 1-2 to Input 1-2 on the Hercules using a phono to phono cable:

Step 5 – Go live and enjoy!