Events: Schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts

Whether you’re a band broadcasting your next gig, a radio station going live with your daily schedule or a podcaster streaming your weekly podcast, making sure your listeners always catch your next live show is essential.

That’s why today we’re launching a new feature called events as a way for our Premium and Pro users to schedule and promote their upcoming broadcasts. With events you can build your audience before your show starts. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Ensure your fans never miss your next broadcast by creating an event.

Creating an event is simple. Just set a time, date, title, add a bespoke artwork, and your next broadcast on Mixlr is now ready to share with the world.

Share your events and create a buzz before you go live.

Get people excited and talking about your broadcasts before they happen by promoting your events on all your regular social networks – perfect for band tours, radio station schedules and all your regular or spontaneous one-off broadcasts.

We’ll remind everyone interested just before your show begins.

Once you’ve shared your upcoming event, anyone who visits your event page can easily set a reminder. We’ll remind these people by email just before your event is due to start. We’ll also keep you updated with a count of how many reminders have been set.

Create an entire schedule, and share that too!

As well as individual event pages, we’ve also created an events home page for each broadcaster showcasing all your upcoming events in one place.

Starting your event couldn’t be easier.

Simply broadcast just as you normally would and your fans or listeners will be directed to your Mixlr livepage at the event start time. We’ll also switch your livepage artwork to reflect your current event at the same time.

This is just the start of where we want to go.

We’re really pleased to be releasing this new feature on Mixlr. There’s so much more we would like to do to improve your experience on Mixlr, so as ever we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have any queries or feedback, please get in touch.

Get started with events now.