Broadcasters, loop and shuffle have arrived in your playlist.

Here at Mixlr we are always working to improve our broadcast app, and make it even easier for you to make great content and shows for your listeners.

Today we are announcing a new release of the Mixlr broadcast app. This release contains a number of much requested new features and improvements.

Download the latest release here.

Loop and shuffle your sounds.

As well as sharing live audio from your microphone or audio interface, the Mixlr app also makes it easy to broadcast a playlist of tracks from your own collection.

In this release, we’ve added two new playlist controls for you.

Loop mode for continuous playlists – great for longer broadcasts and radio stations.

Shuffle mode makes your tracks play in a randomized order, making it easier for you to provide varied content for your listeners.

Additionally, we know that many broadcasters have needed the additional flexibility of pausing the playlist after each track finishes playing. For you, we’ve also added an option to enable or disable autoplay next playlist track. Find this option in your Preferences window.

Your events right inside the app.

Last month we released Events, a feature which makes it easy for you to schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts.

We’ve now made the broadcast app aware of your events too – it will let you know when an event starts, and also remind you ten minutes before an event is scheduled, to help make sure your listeners have a great experience.

Making the app work better for everybody.

We’ve also made a number of technical improvements, especially for Windows users, which should further improve the reliability and stability of the app.

In particular, if you’ve been unable to use the recent versions of our app because of graphics card compatibility issues, then this release is for you.

We hope you enjoy this latest release. As usual if you’ve got feedback then we’d love to hear about it – get in touch with us.

Download the latest release here.