Improving mobile broadcasting with Events

We are levelling-up your creators’ tools, starting with the Mixlr mobile apps.

We’ve made Events central to how you broadcast on mobile. The next time you go live, you’ll notice a change in your mobile app:

  1. Tap “New live event” to go live
  2. Choose to start your event now, or schedule for later
  3. Add a broadcast title (plus artwork to update your Mixlr Livepage)
  4. Continue to the start button, and you’re live!
Screenshot of Mixlr for Creators iOS mobile app

Events helps you to schedule upcoming shows, promote with customized event pages, and start scheduled broadcasts.

Most Mixlr creators work to a schedule. Whether producing an episodic talk show, seasonal game series, a concert tour or weekly religious services — your broadcasts are usually based on events. We want to support you by building tools that’ll help with sharing and promoting your upcoming broadcasts.

If pre-event promotions aren’t necessary, you can always continue with spontaneous broadcasts as normal: Just tap “start event now.”

Either way, your audio is in good hands 🎙

Still need help with broadcasting events on mobile? Check out our Schedule a new Event and Go live with Mixlr for Creators support articles.

And, don’t worry — we’re also improving Events for the web and desktop – stay tuned!