New feature: custom embed player

We recently rolled out a brand-new live player. It maintains the same embeddable ease as our previous player (some things will never change), but comes with a host of improvements for you.  Read on for more: 

The new Mixlr audio player displays the chosen event image. When hitting play, audio visuals appear alongside the live audio.

Expand your audio content’s reach by embedding this custom player on your existing sites 

What’s new?

  • When you’re live, your live stream and event image is featured on the player
  • If you’re off-air, your next scheduled event or your channel’s theme is displayed
  • You now have two sizes to choose from: wide or square
  • Audio visuals are displayed on the player when a listener hits play

The new player is an extension of your channel on Mixlr. Why not expand your audio content’s reach by embedding this custom player on your existing sites? If you need convincing, check out examples below of what your audio player could look like in the different event states.

A live event playing will display audio visuals:
Screenshot of the new embed player displaying a live audio event
If you’re off-air, the next scheduled event is promoted on the embedded player:
Don’t have a scheduled event? The player is styled after your channel’s theme:
You can also choose between a square or wide size:

What stays the same

  • Always ad-free — we’ll never include ads in your player (it’s your player, your content)
  • Copy and paste simplicity 
  • The same stable audio stream is broadcast on your channel, the listener apps and your player 

How does it work?

  • Head to your channel settings and select Live Player
  • Choose between a wide or square size 
  • Copy and paste the widget code onto your site’s HTML editor

If you have a WordPress site, you should be able to see a preview of your new player in your HTML editor before publishing. For other site hosts, check out this help article for more details. And if you require support, please get in touch — we’d love to help!

Copy and paste simplicity

This new release sets the foundation for other exciting updates to come. (Hint: elements that are linked to your channel!) With Channels, you have more choices, more control over your content and branding, which now extends to your custom audio player.

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