Latest Beta release: upload and publish your external audio recordings 

We’ve been working away on building more tools to help you share your content more effortlessly. As part of this, we’re excited to introduce the ability to upload and publish pre-recorded audio directly to your channel without the need to broadcast them live first. 

Paired with the ease of sharing live audio online, this new feature lets you distribute a wider range of content, expand your reach, and deepen your connection with your audience. Read on for more:

A gif showing how to create and upload an audio recording to your creators dashboard on Mixlr
Create and upload a new recording to your Creators dashboard

What’s new?

  • Upload audio recordings with ease and without broadcasting them first
  • Popular formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC are accepted
  • Your audio will be automatically published to your channel 

Getting started

  • Log in to your creators dashboard on the web and select Upload recording
  • Add recording details such as title, description and image
  • Choose your preferred access level: publish to your channel or keep it a private upload
  • Create recording then drag and drop (or upload!) your audio file

More control for audio creators

This new feature offers audio creators more control over their content distribution.

“distribute a wider range of content, expand your reach, and deepen your connection with your audience”

You can decide when and how your uploaded files are made available to your audience. Schedule the release of your latest podcast episode or album, ensuring your followers are always engaged and eagerly awaiting your next creation. At Mixlr, we also understand the importance of building and nurturing a community around your content. With the ability to upload pre-recorded audio, you’ll be able to gain more valuable insight into your audience’s listening habits, helping you tailor your content to their preferences and interests. We can’t wait to see how this tool further elevates your ability to distribute your audio with ease.

NOTE: This is currently only accessible on a Premium Plus, Pro or Enterprise plan but will be widely released to all creator plans soon.

Questions about our Recordings features in beta? Contact us directly — we’d love to help!