New for desktop: keep chatting with listeners

Last week we released the option to keep chatting with listeners after a live audio stream ends on desktop version 33.6! Read on for more:

This was previously released in the mobile Creators apps, and we’re pleased to add the feature to your Creators desktop app. 

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What’s new?

  • End live stream, but keep chatting in the app 
  • Option to resume your live audio while chatting or close the event
A gif showing how to end a live stream on the Creators desktop app while the chat window stays active. Click Stop then confirm Yes to end live stream. Continue to keep chatting with listeners.
End your live stream, but keep chatting with listeners through your desktop app

How does it work?

  • Press “X” when you’re done with your live audio — you’ll be off-air but your chat window stays active  
  • Press “Resume” to start broadcasting again
  • Or, press “Close” to close the event in the app
  • People can still keep chatting on your channel even after you’ve closed the event

Do you have unanswered questions about this? Get in touch, we’re here to help!