Brand new embeddable player improvements are here!

Recently, Google Chrome introduced changes that led to Mixlr’s embeddable player ceasing to function as well as usual for any of your listeners who use that browser.

This turned out to be a challenging problem to solve, but our team has been working hard for the last week to find a solution.

We’re now happy to announce that we’ve updated your embeddable player:

  • All Google Chrome users can now listen directly in your player again
  • Autoplay functionality is working
  • Flash is no longer required in Chrome or Safari! 😀

No action is required at your end for these changes to take effect.

As usual, if you’ve got feedback then we’d love to hear it.

Happy broadcasting!

An update on Mixlr, El Capitan and Soundflower

Update 5/1/2016: we’ve now tested these builds of Soundflower on El Capitan and it’s working great!

We’ve had a copy of the new Mac OS X, El Capitan, for the last few days and of course the first job at hand was to test out the Mixlr broadcast app.

We’re happy to say that throughout our testing, the app is performing well on El Capitan.

While we don’t foresee significant problems for broadcasters, we always recommend you don’t update your operating system without leaving yourself enough time to fix any unforeseen issues before your broadcast.

One possible gotcha for Mac broadcasters: the current version of Soundflower does not appear to be working on our developer preview of El Capitan, and we’ve had similar reports from broadcasters.

We hope the official version will be updated by Rogue Amoeba soon, or possibly it will work in the final non-preview release. In the meantime, there’s a thread on RogueAmoeba’s Github with some possible workarounds.

Another update for our broadcast app, and other news

It’s been a busy week here at Mixlr HQ.

Firstly we’ve released another new update to our broadcast app today. Version 8 contains fewer changes than some of our recent updates, but still has fixes for two bugs which have been causing issues for some of our broadcasting community.

As usual, you can see more details of the improvements on our changelog.

Secondly, in the background we’ve been continuing to focus on improvements to our embeddable player. The player, and particularly its autoplay functionality, has been affected by recent changes to Google Chrome, and we’ve been working on finding a solution.

The good news is that our team has come up with a great set of improvements to the player, which we hope will fix autoplay completely, not to mention make the player work a lot better. We’re aiming to release it next week – watch this space for more news.

Moving the Mixlr app forward…

We’ve been building Mixlr since way back in 2010, and our broadcast app for Windows and Mac OS X has come a long way in that time.

From its humble beginnings – we still remember the days when we didn’t support Windows! – we’ve incrementally improved the app continuously for over half a decade.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built: an unrivalled broadcasting app which provides rock-solid live broadcasting along with live chat, a three-channel mixer, playlistretina support and events integration – to name but a few killer features!

Throughout this time, we’ve done our best to support broadcasters still using older versions of the app. However, maintaining obsolete versions of the app also takes us a lot of time and effort – something that we’d rather be spending on work which benefits a larger part of our community.

Therefore, from today we will be phasing out support for some very old versions of our broadcast app. A small number of our broadcasters will be required to upgrade to a more recent version of the app in order to continue broadcasting.

If you haven’t seen a message warning you that your app will soon be discontinued, then you will NOT be affected.

If you find you need to upgrade, you can download our latest app for Windows and Mac OS X here. If you run into problems, please drop our support team a line – they will be able to help further.

A quick update on our embeddable player

Update: This issue is now fixed! The information in this blog post is out of date. Read our blog post about the changes here.

We’ve received many support queries this week from broadcasters asking why autoplay is no longer working in the embeddable player.

This issue actually only affects the Google Chrome browser, and has been caused by a change in the way that Chrome allows plugins to be loaded in certain contexts.

Other browsers, including Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer, are not affected.

The good news is that we’re working on a fix for this problem, and we hope to have your embeddable players fully working again soon.

Watch this space for more news.

Update 24/9: We’ve now identified a solution to the Google Chrome problems and are working on implementing it. The changes will significantly improve your player, and fix the autoplay issue, but will take us into next week before we can release it. Thank you for your patience while we continue to improve your service.

Update 30/9: We are starting to roll out some changes today which will address this issue. Please bear with us while we test the changes and ensure everything is fully working before we roll out fully.

Update 1/10: Initial testing has been successful! All embeddable players are currently working correctly in Chrome. We will be monitoring the new system closely over the next few days to ensure it is working to the usual high standards. Please let us know your feedback!

Facebook sharing and login is back!

As of around 10pm London time last night, Facebook login and sharing is back!

As we suspected, our domain had been wrongly blacklisted by Facebook’s automated systems.

You can now share links to your Mixlr events and broadcasts, not to mention log in and sign up again, as normal.

Thanks to everybody for your support and patience over the last couple of days!

Facebook FAQ for broadcasters

NOTE: Facebook access to Mixlr is now fully restored. This post is now out of date.

What is the problem?

Early on Tuesday 15th September (UK), we started to receive reports from our users that Facebook has completely blocked the domain.

This means that:

  • It is currently impossible to share any link to a page on on Facebook.
  • It is also not possible to log in or sign up for Mixlr using Facebook. (Logging in and signing up using username/email address and password is working as usual, though).

We also understand that many Facebook groups containing links to have been removed, again their owners apparently receiving neither warning nor explanation.

Why has Facebook blocked Mixlr?

The only indication we have is that Facebook’s “security systems” have flagged Mixlr links as being “unsafe”.

Of course there is no legitimate reason for reaching this conclusion, so at this time we believe that Facebook’s automated systems have erroneously blocked the domain.

What is being done about it?

We have reached out to Facebook over every channel we have available to us, and will continue to do so until we receive the desired response.

You can help too! Please tell Facebook that should be unblocked. You can fill in the URL field simply as

When will this be fixed?

Unfortunately we don’t have any timescale at this time. However you can keep in touch with us via this blog, Twitter and our Facebook page (which is completely unaffected).

Can I still broadcast on Mixlr?

Yes! Live broadcasting continues to function as normal.

You will not be able to log into the broadcast app using Facebook, but if you’re already logged in then it should work as usual.

Can I still log in to Mixlr?

You can still log in using an email address/username and password, but logging in using Facebook is not working.

How can I share links to my Mixlr broadcasts and events?

Sharing via Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, email and all other social services is still working as normal.

Additionally, Mixlr will send notifications of events and live broadcasts to your followers via email and mobile notifications just the same as normal.

However, to share the link on Facebook or Instagram you will have to remove the link. We recommend something like: Visit mixlr dot com and search for <My Mixlr username>.

I need to log in to the broadcast app using Facebook. How can I do this?

If you are already logged into the website, visit your account settings and add a password to your account.

Once you’ve done this, you can log into the broadcast app using your email address and new password.

I’m still having problems. What can I do?

Please get in touch with us and we’ll try to help individually.

We are responding to a lot of support requests at the moment, so there may be a slower response time than usual.


The domain has now been unblocked by Facebook

NOTE: Facebook access to Mixlr is now fully restored. This post is now out of date.

Update 1 (15/9, 3pm London): You can help! Please let Facebook know our domain should be unblocked. You can fill in the URL simply as Thank you for your help!

Update 2 (5.30pm) We are currently still waiting for firm acknowledgement from Facebook. Please keep contacting them through all available means!

Update 3 (8pm) Unfortunately there is no further news to report at this time. We hope the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Update 4 (16/9, 9am) No communications have been received from Facebook overnight. We will continue to update this post as we have more news.

Update 5 (10.45am) We’ve put together an FAQ for broadcasters to help you continue to reach your listeners while we wait for a resolution from Facebook.

Update 6 (5pm) We are still waiting for firm contact from Facebook. If you’re broadcasting tonight, check out our FAQ to help you with sharing, logging in and more.

Update 7 (22:45) Facebook access is restored !

This morning we woke up to a number of reports from users of Mixlr links being blocked by Facebook as being “unsafe”.

It soon became apparent that not only was sharing on Facebook not working, but login and signup has also been blocked.

Of course there is no rightful reason why Mixlr should have blocked, so at this time we believe that Facebook’s automated system has erroneously blocked our domain.

Unfortunately, challenging Facebook’s automated decision is not easy. We are currently reaching out to Facebook through all available channels and will update this post as we find out more.

Broadcasters, loop and shuffle have arrived in your playlist.

Here at Mixlr we are always working to improve our broadcast app, and make it even easier for you to make great content and shows for your listeners.

Today we are announcing a new release of the Mixlr broadcast app. This release contains a number of much requested new features and improvements.

Download the latest release here.

Loop and shuffle your sounds.

As well as sharing live audio from your microphone or audio interface, the Mixlr app also makes it easy to broadcast a playlist of tracks from your own collection.

In this release, we’ve added two new playlist controls for you.

Loop mode for continuous playlists – great for longer broadcasts and radio stations.

Shuffle mode makes your tracks play in a randomized order, making it easier for you to provide varied content for your listeners.

Additionally, we know that many broadcasters have needed the additional flexibility of pausing the playlist after each track finishes playing. For you, we’ve also added an option to enable or disable autoplay next playlist track. Find this option in your Preferences window.

Your events right inside the app.

Last month we released Events, a feature which makes it easy for you to schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts.

We’ve now made the broadcast app aware of your events too – it will let you know when an event starts, and also remind you ten minutes before an event is scheduled, to help make sure your listeners have a great experience.

Making the app work better for everybody.

We’ve also made a number of technical improvements, especially for Windows users, which should further improve the reliability and stability of the app.

In particular, if you’ve been unable to use the recent versions of our app because of graphics card compatibility issues, then this release is for you.

We hope you enjoy this latest release. As usual if you’ve got feedback then we’d love to hear about it – get in touch with us.

Download the latest release here.

Events: Schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts

Whether you’re a band broadcasting your next gig, a radio station going live with your daily schedule or a podcaster streaming your weekly podcast, making sure your listeners always catch your next live show is essential.

That’s why today we’re launching a new feature called events as a way for our Premium and Pro users to schedule and promote their upcoming broadcasts. With events you can build your audience before your show starts. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Ensure your fans never miss your next broadcast by creating an event.

Creating an event is simple. Just set a time, date, title, add a bespoke artwork, and your next broadcast on Mixlr is now ready to share with the world.

Share your events and create a buzz before you go live.

Get people excited and talking about your broadcasts before they happen by promoting your events on all your regular social networks – perfect for band tours, radio station schedules and all your regular or spontaneous one-off broadcasts.

We’ll remind everyone interested just before your show begins.

Once you’ve shared your upcoming event, anyone who visits your event page can easily set a reminder. We’ll remind these people by email just before your event is due to start. We’ll also keep you updated with a count of how many reminders have been set.

Create an entire schedule, and share that too!

As well as individual event pages, we’ve also created an events home page for each broadcaster showcasing all your upcoming events in one place.

Starting your event couldn’t be easier.

Simply broadcast just as you normally would and your fans or listeners will be directed to your Mixlr livepage at the event start time. We’ll also switch your livepage artwork to reflect your current event at the same time.

This is just the start of where we want to go.

We’re really pleased to be releasing this new feature on Mixlr. There’s so much more we would like to do to improve your experience on Mixlr, so as ever we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have any queries or feedback, please get in touch.

Get started with events now.