Events: Schedule and promote your upcoming broadcasts

Whether you’re a band broadcasting your next gig, a radio station going live with your daily schedule or a podcaster streaming your weekly podcast, making sure your listeners always catch your next live show is essential.

That’s why today we’re launching a new feature called events as a way for our Premium and Pro users to schedule and promote their upcoming broadcasts. With events you can build your audience before your show starts. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Ensure your fans never miss your next broadcast by creating an event.

Creating an event is simple. Just set a time, date, title, add a bespoke artwork, and your next broadcast on Mixlr is now ready to share with the world.

Share your events and create a buzz before you go live.

Get people excited and talking about your broadcasts before they happen by promoting your events on all your regular social networks – perfect for band tours, radio station schedules and all your regular or spontaneous one-off broadcasts.

We’ll remind everyone interested just before your show begins.

Once you’ve shared your upcoming event, anyone who visits your event page can easily set a reminder. We’ll remind these people by email just before your event is due to start. We’ll also keep you updated with a count of how many reminders have been set.

Create an entire schedule, and share that too!

As well as individual event pages, we’ve also created an events home page for each broadcaster showcasing all your upcoming events in one place.

Starting your event couldn’t be easier.

Simply broadcast just as you normally would and your fans or listeners will be directed to your Mixlr livepage at the event start time. We’ll also switch your livepage artwork to reflect your current event at the same time.

This is just the start of where we want to go.

We’re really pleased to be releasing this new feature on Mixlr. There’s so much more we would like to do to improve your experience on Mixlr, so as ever we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have any queries or feedback, please get in touch.

Get started with events now.

Mac users: how-to make sure you have the latest version of our broadcast app

TLDR: from today, Mac users should download and update your Mixlr app directly from our website, instead of the Mac App Store.

We have distributed the Mac version of the Mixlr broadcast app through the Mac App Store since December 2013.

While the Mac App Store offers some benefits, it also adds a lot of friction to the development and distribution of the app. We have also had many reports of broadcaster problems which have been traced back to limitations imposed by Apple.

Ultimately, ensuring the Mixlr broadcast app continues to be stable and reliable is our single most important goal for our broadcasters. Therefore, we stopped updating the Mac App Store over the last few months and have now removed our broadcast app from the store entirely.

Broadcasters can now download the Mac broadcast app directly from our website. Please note that the app is still securely signed by Mixlr’s existing certificate, so you can be sure that the software you install on your Mac is completely safe.

To update to the latest version of the broadcast app, please download and install it from here.

If you find your old settings and showreel recordings are missing, you can find help on how to restore them here.

Mixlr app now looks great on Retina Macbooks

Recent Apple Macbooks have shipped with Retina displays, bringing ultra-sharp text and high-definition graphics to third-party apps which support the new technology.

The Mixlr broadcast app already supported similar high-density displays in Windows, but today we’ve released the latest version of the Mixlr broadcast app which has full support for Retina displays on Mac.

This means that the app will display flawlessly, and in ultra-high definition, on your Retina Macbook or external screen.

To start enjoying Retina graphics while you’re broadcasting, you can download the latest version of the Mixlr broadcast app.

Live broadcasts, chat and hearting

Sometimes, we receive emails and tweets from broadcasters and listeners who are worried about whether hearting and chatting during Mixlr broadcasts affects the listening experience for others – for example by introducing lag or other streaming problems.

We firmly believe that social interaction is at the heart of the Mixlr experience, so we thought we’d clarify this for everybody who has asked.

Chatting and hearting during a Mixlr broadcast does not affect the stream for yourself or for anybody else. This goes for broadcasters and listeners alike!

Chat messages take up a miniscule amount of bandwidth compared to the live audio, and are handled on completely different servers.

So you can listen, chat and heart as much as you want, without worrying about the stream.

Here’s our support article on the subject too.

Mixlr for iOS now supports Audiobus

Over the last year, we’ve made a series of significant improvements to the broadcasting features in Mixlr for iOS.

Today we’re happy to announce that our latest update includes full support for Audiobus. For those who are unaware, Audiobus is a third-party iOS application which connects multiple audio apps on your iPad or iPhone, allowing audio to be routed between apps in real-time.

From today, the Mixlr app now functions as an Audiobus output. This means it is easy to broadcast live on Mixlr from iOS apps including Traktor, djay 2, Figure and countless more.

We’re so excited about the integration that Saman, our iOS engineer, has put together a screencast showcasing what’s possible.

We hope you enjoy Mixlr and Audiobus!

New feature: more control over your live broadcasts

After last week’s news about chat inside the broadcast app, we’re happy to announce another improvement for our broadcasters.

We’ve updated our broadcast app for Windows and Mac OS X again, this time giving you more control over your broadcast title, category and sharing.

What’s changed?

We’ve tweaked the Mixlr app to work a little more usefully when you start a broadcast. As usual, just press the big button to go live.

After you go live, you’ll find a new view appears, prompting you to (optionally) edit your broadcast title and category.

Don’t worry – you’re already live on Mixlr at this stage! But any changes you make will be automatically updated on your listeners’ pages too.

We’ve also made it easier to share to Facebook and Twitter too. Just click the share icons to log in to your accounts, and share your live broadcast when you click “Share and continue”.

We’re phasing out our old autoshare features, so you can be sure that you know what will be shared, and when.

Don’t forget that once you’ve shared, you can chat with your listeners right inside the app using our new chat feature.

We hope you like these improvements to your app. As usual, if you’ve got feedback then we want to hear about it.

Improving chat, hearting and the social experience on Mixlr.

We’ve had lots of feedback from our users about ways we can improve our chat system and social experience on Mixlr. We’ve been listening, and over the coming weeks we’ll be making a series of changes to the website livepage which we hope will have a positive impact, starting today.

Reversing chat

Since Mixlr began, chat messages have been added to the top of the screen. Today we’ve updated the livepage on the website, so that new chat messages are added to the bottom of the list. We hope this will make it easier for users to read incoming messages while typing in the chat box.

Adding hearts to chat stream

Hearting is a core part of the Mixlr social experience. It’s a great way for listeners to show broadcasters they like what they’re hearing, and every month millions of hearts are created on the platform. We feel hearting should be more central to our live audio experience, so from today we have begun to add everyone’s hearts to the chat stream.

New improved chatbox

We’re also in the process of restyling the chat box to make it clearer. For our latest release we’ve added the current user’s profile picture to the chatbox, and made the post and heart buttons stand out more.

As ever we’d love to hear your feedback on these changes and hear your suggestions for future improvements – get in touch here.

Happy broadcasting!

The Mixlr Team.

New feature: chat in the broadcast app

Today we’re excited to announce another big improvement for our broadcasters. We’ve brought the Mixlr chat and crowd experience to our broadcast apps for Windows and Mac OS X.

Chat is here.

We’ve brought Mixlr chat right inside the app.

Now you can easily switch between your playlist, mixer and chat views while you broadcast.

When a new message arrives, you can configure desktop notifications on both Windows and Mac OS X – so you can read and respond more quickly and spend more time focusing on your broadcast.

See who’s listening too.

We’ve also added a view of your crowd, so you can see who’s visiting and listening at any time.

Moderate your chat without visiting the website.

We understand that moderation is an important feature for our broadcasting community. So we’ve also added easy controls to delete chat messages, and to block and unblock users, without leaving the app.

There’s more to come.

We’ve got more improvements in the pipeline, but we’d love to hear your feedback about this release.

Download the latest app here, and drop us a line via


Mixlr iOS Update

This week we rolled out an update to our iOS app which includes a range of fixes and improvements.The main fix is for broadcasters. We’ve completely re-written the broadcast engine which means more efficient and reliable broadcasting from your iOS device, especially in low internet conditions.

Here is a breakdown of all the key improvements in Mixlr for iOS 2.2:

– Updated internal live broadcasting code to use less bandwidth, be more efficient and broadcast higher quality audio.

– Fixed issues relating to iOS broadcasts not working on other iOS devices.

– Chat should no longer disconnect at certain times

– Chat messages containing certain characters will no longer be truncated in the app.

– Fixed various issues connecting and reconnecting to live streams

If you’ve got feedback or think we could make Mixlr for iOS better, let us know by getting in touch via our support centre.